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Appointment Setting For Financial Advisors


Welcome to a results-based approach to customer appointment setting
and event management support for financial advisors
by Executive Scheduling Associates


We are the back-office team for advisors, making work easier and more productive for financial sales professionals on the front lines.


A Track Record of Increased Sales Meeting Activity

Our associates have increased meeting activity by fifty percent for some of the salesmen and women we support. We can generate four to five advising appointments per day and maintain your calendar two to three weeks in advance. In addition, we quickly adapt client calendars to changing circumstances, such as customer schedule changes and unforeseen family developments.

Results-Based Rather than Time-Based Services

Time is not the only factor we consider when building a success plan for those we support as financial industry professionals. First, we learn your objectives, goals, and success targets. Then we apply our talent, technology, and expertise toward achieving those defined results. We think those in the financial services industry want more and better sales meetings and care more about results than the time it takes us to fill their calendar.


Remote Appointment Expertise

During the Covid years, our schedulers became experts at remote appointment setting. As the pandemic subsides, client preferences point toward financial advisors adopting a blended in-person and digital customer meetings approach. ESA schedules both.

Onboarding Involving a Love of Details

Your introduction to our team will involve a process that took us 15 years to develop. We might ask more client service questions than you expect. That's because the goal of the onboarding process is getting to know your personal definition of a successful financial services practice. Obviously, not everyone has precisely the same game plan or end goal. You tell us how you view success during the introduction process, and we work toward your objectives.

Financial Service Advice, Not Merely Service

We used to think of ourselves as appointment setting specialists for financial wholesalers, advisors, and planners. And that we are. But 15 years in the business has taught our team a thing or two about successfully supporting professionals who help families with wealth management. You will receive more from us than mere entries in your calendar. For example, if you ask for ideas on how others are prospecting for new clients or warming up a cold list, we will probably have a few thoughts to offer.


More Than Scheduling Services

We can help schedule your annual customer reviews. And we can make periodic customer satisfaction calls for you. We go beyond calendar work to help you with sales relationship development.

New Customer Prospecting 

If you need cold list support, we can warm up those prospects for you, determining their level of interest in your services and then booking get-acquainted calls where opportunities arise.

Event Support

Our associates can provide customer event support, from booking a venue and ensuring you have the needed equipment to managing invitations and finalizing your guest list. We dabble in booking food service as well. You sell, we support.

Personalized Calling

We achieve a high rate of live answers and return calls because our technology uses local phone numbers, including your office number.

Broad Customer Services

We can support you with multiple customer services, including CRM maintenance, annual review tracking, email or written correspondence distribution, and scheduling client check-ins.

Most of our clients come from referrals.

Could we add that we are proud of our client satisfaction stats?

Blurred Motion

"A strategic partner can give you a healthy dose of accountability for your credibility-building strategy."

-Evan Beach, CFP


  • Ethical Practices – We document everything we do and give you access to the results.

  • Professionalism – We train and monitor our scheduling associates in professional voice and email practices to ensure a quality approach to your business.

  • Personalized Success Plans – We provide every client with a Customer Success Plan tailored to their individual business. We work with you to define what success looks like to you so that we can meet your expectations.

  • Time-saving Territory Organization – Using industry-approved mapping software, we organize your territory into tight, efficient zones so that you can spend less time in your car.

  • Increased Calendar Activity – Our services can increase wholesaling productivity up to 50 percent. Additionally, we continuously check and correct calendar conflicts and overlaps.

  • Continuous Data Refinement – We train our scheduling associates to update client data as they schedule so that we always have the correct information when we need it. 

  • Calendar Integration – Scheduling Associates adds wholesaling appointments to your calendar in real time to avoid double or overbooking you.

  • Transparent Costs – You won't have to worry about any extra fees or hidden charges, as we offer transparent pricing for our services. Our clients know what their costs will be.

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