The long-term security of your business is imperative. Consumers have countless choices in financial advisors and that means you have to stay at the top of your game. Enter ESA.

More Face Time with Your Clients

Your time is better spent face-to-face with your clients. Leave the scheduling to us.

Less Attrition

We help track and schedule your annual reviews. We also make satisfaction calls to new or existing clients.


Enhanced List Management and Lead Dispositioning

We determine if your cold leads are interested in your services, making your prospecting more efficient.


Expanded Event Management

Our associates can help coordinate your events – from booking the venue and making sure you have the right equipment to invitations and follow-ups, we can take the hassle out of planning.

More Personalized Contacting

We achieve more live call answers and return calls by using local phone numbers, including your office number.


Broader Services

We also provide services such as CRM maintenance, tracking annual reviews, distributing email and written correspondence, and arranging client check-ins.

Blurred Motion

"A strategic partner can give you a healthy dose of accountability for your credibility-building strategy."

-Evan Beach, CFP


  • Above all, ethical practices

  • Professionalism

  • Personalized Success Plans

  • Increased Calendar Activity

  • Time-saving Territory Organization 

  • Continuous Data Refinement

  • Transparent Costs

  • Outlook & Calendar Integration