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Our first step with new clients is creating a success plan that
reflects your definition of our desired outcomes.


1. Appointment Setting

For 15 years, ESA has provided financial wholesalers and financial advisors with appointment setting services. 


Last year, 100 ESA schedulers made 2.2 million customer contacts on behalf of 330 financial industry clientsworking for 51 financial services companies. The result was 79,660 in-person or remote sales appointments. We are ahead of that pace this year.


More about scheduling services.

List Mangement Image for Slide Deck.png

2. Contact List Management 

Our financial industry support services include contacting cold or under-performing wholesaler and advisor contacts and identifying prospects for future presentations. Proprietary software allows us to provide this service efficiently and cost-effectively while maintaining a personal touch with contacts. And this process can easily transition into a follow-up sales contact campaign.


More about contact list management services.


3. Territory Management

We manage the sales territories of financial wholesalers and advisors by matching the client's time spent to their customer's potential. First, we analyze current customer information during the onboarding process. Then we build a database that allows our schedulers to provide an efficient, productive marriage of these sales process elements – time and potential.


More about our territory management services.

Prospecting Advantages.jpg

4. New Lead Prospecting 

Because sales work involves continuously exploring for new prospects, we have multiple ways of supporting that aspect of a financial industry professional's day. The ESA team has gathered 15 years of ideas about ways to search for new business collaborating with successful financial wholesalers and advisors. 


More about our lead prospecting services.

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5. Event Support

Our associates can become your extra, short-term, or long-term team assisting with special projects. For example, we invite guests to company events, including making the initial invitation call, following up, and assisting with registrations. This type of support to financial industry professionals includes detailed reports on each project. 


More about our event services.

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6. Short and Long-term Projects

ESA assists financial wholesalers, advisors, and planners with projects such as mass correspondence campaigns, customer appreciation messages on contract anniversaries, and birthday or anniversary greetings. 


Our sales support personnel and managers can quickly and cost-effectively expand your team on a short- or long-term basis.


More about our project services.


7. Sales Staff Recruiting and Referrals

ESA's 100 financial industry appointment setters work with 350 sales professionals to schedule their rotation among customers and support their projects. As a result, some of the best and brightest financial wholesalers, advisors, and planners are on our client list. These relationships allow us to provide referral information when asked, "Have you heard what companies are hiring?" 


More about our recruiting and referral services.

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8. Insight and Encouragement for Your Leadership Spirit

ESA aspires to offer the financial industry more than the services described above. We hope to be a source of leadership insight and encouragement. 


For example, our clients will find on this website the encouragement of best practices and success stories, lessons learned by others in our industry and the broader sales field, and, if you are not a client, a behind-the-scenes look at what you could expect if you signed on. 


And, with the same goals in mind, we are the proud sponsor of our CEO's leadership podcast, Hard But Worth It. You'll hear from business adventurers, influential leaders in all areas of life, from parents to corporate entrepreneurs. 


More encouragement and insights.


We tailor our ongoing scheduling support and our short-term

project assistance to how individual clients view their success.


For Financial Wholesalers


For Financial Advisors


  • Ethical Practices – We document everything we do and give you access to the results.

  • Professionalism – We train and monitor our scheduling associates in professional voice and email practices to ensure a quality approach to your business.

  • Personalized Success Plans – We provide every client with a Customer Success Plan tailored to their individual business. We work with you to define what success looks like to you so that we can meet your expectations.

  • Time-saving Territory Organization – Using industry-approved mapping software, we organize your territory into tight, efficient zones so that you can spend less time in your car.

  • Increased Calendar Activity – Our services can increase wholesaling productivity up to 50 percent. Additionally, we continuously check and correct calendar conflicts and overlaps.

  • Continuous Data Refinement – We train our scheduling associates to update client data as they schedule so that we always have the correct information when we need it. 

  • Calendar Integration – Scheduling Associates adds wholesaling appointments to your calendar in real time to avoid double or overbooking you.

  • Transparent Costs – You won't have to worry about any extra fees or hidden charges, as we offer transparent pricing for our services. Our clients know what their costs will be.

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