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More information about ESA's scheduling services

Our scheduling objective is three to five meetings per day, in-person or remote, booked two to three weeks in advance, focusing on efficient territory and time management. 


We employ schedulers in each time zone across the U.S. and Canada, setting appointments within a client's region. 


Every scheduler has backup, ensuring that clients have continuous support regardless of unexpected personal issues.


Our financial industry support personnel are W2 employees, making possible a company culture of high accountability. A manager oversees each ESA scheduler, and a senior manager oversees the managers. We created this layered approach to help ensure that every service we offer meets our standards and achieves client success goals.


Custom-built, password-protected, proprietary software with two-factor authentication means that your data is safe and compliant. Our system incorporates 15 years of productivity lessons learned serving financial wholesalers and advisors. The technology integrates personal and office calendars, making it easier for clients to access updated meeting information. In addition, our software accommodates requests for full, partial, and off days. And when clients are on the road, we can minimize drive times. 


We are not a cookie-cutter shop. Early in our new client onboarding process, we ask how you define success. Then we prepare a custom, written Client Success Plan to which your scheduling team is accountable. 


And one of our highest corporate values is continuous improvement.

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