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Far more than random appointment setting

What is territory management?

Schedulers help organize your day, setting sales appointments. And the best appointment setters don’t just fill calendars. They can distinguish between high-quality contacts and those with less potential, emphasizing the former.


Territory management is the next step in high-quality scheduling. ESA appointment setters organize your sales zones, creating increased travel efficiency. We use mapping technologies that maximize face time and minimize windshield time, allowing you to meet more clients per day. And we can create a hybrid calendar where you spend office days working with clients digitally while other days you are on the road.


Custom Built Rotations

There is nothing cookie-cutter about well-built appointment rotations. Factors included in this approach to scheduling include customer potential, travel efficiency, time since the last visit, new product releases, travel budgets, and your family schedule. If you have a client who is difficult to book you will probably hear us say, “It’s not if you will meet, but when.”


Strategic Dial Sessions

With your assistance, our first calls are always the people you most want to meet with. No matter what the focus: market metric list, producers, fallen angels, or prospects.


Lost Production

We help you regain traction with your “fallen angels” while also keeping you in front of your current producers. Also, our schedulers are trained to update data as they call.


Territory management is a high-tech, strategic approach to appointment setting rather than random scheduling.

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