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ESA is ushering in a new era of telemarketing with more connections and high-quality conversations, resulting in greater sales potential.

Live Connections

Your prospects never hear annoying delays, automated voices or prerecorded messages. Our associates conduct live conversations, responding personally to your contacts.

More Calls

We use advanced, proprietary software that adds guaranteed value to your prospecting efforts.


Local Caller ID

We achieve more live call answers and return calls by using local phone numbers, including your office number.


List Management and Lead Dispositioning

We can determine if your cold contacts are interested in your products and services, making your prospecting more efficient.



Our calls are recorded for quality assurance and we send customized reports so you can see exactly what has been done on your behalf.

Business Meeting

“A phone call will get someone’s attention much quicker than an email, and you’re able to customize your sales pitch.”  

-Stuart Leung,


  • Above all, ethical practices

  • Professionalism

  • Personalized Success Plans

  • Increased Calendar Activity

  • Time-saving Territory Organization 

  • Continuous Data Refinement

  • Transparent Costs

  • Outlook & Calendar Integration

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