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Why Financial Professionals Do Some of the Most Important Work

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

By Executive Scheduling Associates CEO Mitch Santala

One of the most challenging tasks a financial professional performs is helping families believe in their financial potential.

We think it's also some of the most meaningful work a person can do.

Infographic of Why financial Advisors Use Appointment Setting Services

This analogy might sound like a stretch, but this aspect of the financial professional job description reminds me of the life of Moses. You will recall that the leader of the children of Israel inspired people in bondage to Pharaoh in Egypt to believe in a future promise that would save them.

Moses had the almost impossible task of convincing those who only knew captivity and suffering that a promised land existed for them. Then, he had to lead them all the way there himself.

I see financial professionals doing a similar kind of job. Their goal is sometimes to move people out of a place of economic confinement and towards the promise of a better and more secure future.

The main challenge that Moses faced was the unbelief of those he was trying to save. I think real estate professionals, financial advisors, or wholesalers often encounter the same disbelief. Their biggest challenge is sometimes helping clients believe they can reach their financial goals.

Securing one’s financial future starts with a vision. The starting point is a financial plan. For example, financial professionals help clients create a picture of a preferred future of what retirement might look like. They use trusted strategies and quality financial products as a guide for our clients to visualize that picture.

Then they help their clients believe that reaching their promised land is possible. A plan without belief usually does not move clients forward financially.

Another aspect of this vision casting by financial professionals is increasing their clients’ capacity to believe in their potential.

We have all discovered that today's small thing felt big yesterday, and tomorrow's small thing will likely feel big for me today. This is because we are growing.

An alternative way of describing this contribution by financial professionals is that they help lead people from fear to trust. Fear is like that uninvited, unwelcomed guest at our party. Worry taps us on the shoulder and whispers unfounded doubt and unwarranted disbelief to us.

One common type of financial planning anxiety relates to the loss of control. This fear occurs when clients realize they must relinquish part of their financial control to an advisor.

Professionals help us trust someone more knowledgeable than us to relax our grip for our good.

I don't know that there's any work more significant than a financial professional stepping into someone's life and helping them believe, trust, and expand their economic potential. This profession comes alongside a person captive to a limited way of thinking about their future and encourages them to take that next small step. These professionals go home at night with the satisfaction that they have helped lead their people toward the promised land.

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