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Our associates are ready to help you stay in touch with your clients

and connect with new prospects.

Supporting Your Residential and Commercial Business

Our associates are ready to help you grow your residential book of business and your commercial line customers.  

Minimizing Customer Attrition

We help track and schedule annual reviews. We make satisfaction calls to new or existing clients.


Facilitating Cross Sales

We schedule your client check-in meetings to introduce new products, promotions, and discount opportunities.

Managing Lists and Dispositioning Leads

We call cold leads and determine if they are interested in your products and services, making prospecting more efficient.

Enhancing Appointment Scheduling

Our approach delivers more face time with clients.


More Personalized Contacting

We achieve more live call answers and return calls by using local phone numbers, including your office number.

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"Insurance agents can expect to spend seven to nine times more money acquiring a new customer than retaining an old one."

-Mike Furlong, CEO, Indio


  • Above all, ethical practices

  • Professionalism

  • Personalized Success Plans

  • Increased Calendar Activity

  • Time-saving Territory Organization 

  • Continuous Data Refinement

  • Transparent Costs

  • Outlook & Calendar Integration

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