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The ESA Advantage

Unparalleled Service Superior Support

Employee Based Company

Unlike our competitors, ESA operates with an “employee” philosophy of business. All of our Scheduling Associates are employees, not independent contractors. This means that we are able to train, manage and direct each employee, ensuring superior quality of service and calendar integrity.

Superior Support

You are not alone when you sign on with ESA! We back you and your scheduler with a team of experts that monitor your account. This includes experienced Management, dedicated Support and Quality Assurance Specialists, and our complimentary Data Refinement workforce. Gone are the days of independent, rogue schedulers.

Dedicated Data Management Systems

Secure Servers

We go to notable measures to protect the proprietary nature of your business, which is why all of your data is stored on our secure servers. Rest assured that your data, including email, will never be housed on a personal computer where it can be compromised. With ESA, your data is managed under user name and password protection, and only authorized personnel have access to it.

Data Refinement

Change is a given in the business world, that is why we assist you in maintaining the reliability of your data. We update your contact database as a complimentary service. We also provide detailed quarterly reports of turn downs, dead leads and bad phone numbers for your review.

Strategic Territory Management Solutions


We train and equip our schedulers with tools to help you navigate your territory efficiently and effectively. We also use mapping software to help organize your territory into tight zones. We work hard to give you less “windshield” time and more “face” time with your clients.


We help you create and refine a ranking system that is incorporated into the contact management system we build for you. This allows us to place priority on your top producers, your 80/20 and your focus lists, resulting in better meetings.

Our Solutions At Work

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